It is seldom an easy task to progress through the grieving process. However, going through the experience as a couple can help make the pain more bearable. When couples go through the process together each can support the other as well as be accountable to each other. They normally feel that it is a safe environment because they know each other, and thus, confidentiality is not a concern. A tone is set whereby the couple feels free to express himself/herself in the perceived safe environment. The goal of online grief couple coaching is to help each take appropriate actions to change his/her life towards a positive direction.

Coaching a grieving coupleCoaching a grieving couple is about two individuals coming together with a coach so they can assess and adapt thoughts and habits they presently have so that positive outcomes can be reached. Couples are guided to implement things they can do alone as well as together. This is especially helpful if one of the two tends to lag. A review is made of the couple’s strengths so that the strengths can be used as a tool to help them through the grieving process.